3D Liposculpturing

3D Liposculpturing is one of the latest body contouring technologies that Dr. Vikas Gawri is offering at Kyra Clinic. This liposculpturing technology results in the removal of fat, followed by tightening of the skin and reduction of cellulitis. Therefore, it is a comprehensive procedure. The fundamental part of this technology is killing fat cells. That is followed by skin tightening and lymphatic drainage.

In all, there are four procedures within 3D liposculpturing. These are:

  • 1. Cryolipolysis: This operation freezes fat cells to a level that they are destroyed and eventually discarded by the body in about a couple of weeks.
  • 2. Cavitation: This is usually the ultrasound cavitation. Unlike Cryolipolysis, in this procedure, cells are ruptured using ultrasound frequency. The body eventually discards the waste of cells so ruptured.
  • 3. Radio Frequency: This operation is for tightening the skin. The skin tissue after either of the above procedures is heated selectively. It results in the contraction of collagen and more collagen being produced. The new collagen gives the skin a tight appearance.
  • 4. 3D Dermology: This is for lymphatic drainage. Rollers, radio frequencies, and vacuums are used to drain the “dead fat cells” and other relevant waste, thereby reducing cellulitis.

How to select the procedures:

The choice is between Cryolipolysis and Cavitation. The surgeon opts for Cyolipolysis for removing stubborn fat. Cavitation, on the other hand, is used for reducing inches.

Why 3D liposuction is popular

  • 1. People don’t have to exercise after surgery
  • 2. This is a non-invasive liposuction method
  • 3. There are no side effects or adverse reactions such as necrosis, bruising, embolisms, etc., which are possible with conventional liposuction procedures.

Though 3D liposuction is more effective, it is also a tad expensive. Nevertheless, it is often the best option. Sophisticated equipment is required for this procedure. Kyra Clinic has the latest technology as well as plastic surgeons with enough experience to perform this operation.

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