Breast Reduction

Redefine yourself

Mammaplasty, popularly known as breast reduction surgery wherein surplus breast fat, glandular tissue and skin is eliminated to get a breast size that is proportionate with body thus alleviating discomfort caused by disproportionately large breasts. Kyra Clinic is renowned cosmetic surgery center known for breast reduction surgery in Ludhiana, Punjab, India that offers latest treatments through certified and experienced surgeon Dr. Vikas Gawri at an economical price.

Who needs Breast Reduction Surgery?
Anyone with breasts disproportionately large to the extent that they sag and cause pains in her chest, neck, back, and shoulders When breast size begins to interfere with deep breathing and renders the patient incapable of filling her lungs with air. There are repeated lower breast-hemisphere skin infection also known as inframammary intertrigo caused by sweat and rubbing of skin. If there are brassière-strap indentations to the shoulders, causing pain and discomfort. If the patient finds it difficult to fit into her clothes properly.

Who Can’t have Breast Reduction Surgery

Women who are lactating or have stopped lactating recently Women whose breasts have unevaluated and unidentified tissue masses or microcalcifications Women suffering from systemic illness Any woman who does not understand the technical limitations of the plastic surgery is advised to avoid it.

Free Nipple-Graft Technique

Those who have large breasts that require much resecting of the tissues, the free nipple-graft technique can be used. The advantage of this technique is that greater volume of breast tissue can be removed to get a lifted, proportionate bust. On the down side, the patient is left with an insensitive nipple-areola complex without any lactation capability.

Inferior Pedicle Technique with Inverted-T Incision

In this technique, a periareolar incision is made to the nipple-areola complex, which is further extended downwards, along the natural curve of the breast hemisphere. After cutting and removing the required amount of glandular, adipose and skin, the nipple-areola complex is transposed upon the breast hemisphere to give bust an elevated appearance.

Lollipop Incision or Vertical Scar Technique

Best suited for small areas where small amount of internal tissues needs removal, the Vertical-Scar Reduction mammoplasty is done from lateral and inferior areas of the breast hemisphere. Therefore incision scars are very small.

Liposuction-Only Technique

Those women whose breasts are by and large made of adipose tissue with somewhat elastic skin envelope and mild ptosis are ideal for this technique. Advantages include small incision needed to access breast interior, faster post-op recovery and smaller scar. Whereas biggest disadvantage is that amount of breast-tissue reduced is rather limited.

Lejour Technique

Under this technique, a vertical-incision is made. It includes superior pedicle, breast liposuction followed by deflation of skin in the lower part of the breast.

Post-Operative Care

Patient is discharged from hospital and can resume everyday activities such as walking on the same day. She can eat light meals same day as breast reduction surgery. However, doctor usually advise shower only after 3-day after the procedure. Patient is asked to avoid taxing physical activity and to wear a sports bra for better support during convalescence that lasts up to 3-months. Breasts should not be fondled for at least one month. A small percentage of patents experience painful breast-enlargement during the first post-operative menstruation. There is no need to get alarmed at the wrinkles at the bottom of the vertical limb of the scar. These wrinkles generally fade within 1–6 months post-operative. Revision surgery of the vertical scar is done in case they persist.


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