laser resurfacing (Acne Scar)

Aesthetic Laser – Laser Scar Removal

The story of our lives often shows up on our skin — scars that form from that fall off the bicycle, car accident or from surgery. Normally the body stimulates organized collagen production to heal an injury, however, scars develop when disorganized collagen forms due to an overwhelming healing response. Treatments designed to reduce the effect of scars have been marginal until now.

A Better Solution

Lumenis’ UltraPulse Fractional ActiveFX and DeepFX Laser Scar Treatments combine innovations in technology and laser science to bring you a new scar treatment modality that can resolve color abnormalities, improve texture inconsistencies, and do this all with reduced down time and increased patient comfort.

World Class Alma-Q Lasers for Acne Scar/Skin Resurfacing/Scar Removal

Kyra Clinic is equipped with the Latest World Class Lasers, making our client feel the difference…


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