lip augmentation

Your body, your choice

Lip augmentation procedure is to increase the size of thin lips. The upper or lower lip may be treated alone, or both may be enlarged at the same time.

Initial Consultation

Describe in detail what you would like to be improved. Be specific about what you want.

Tell your doctor:

If you have any allergies
If you have a history of bad scarring (keloids)
About any medications you are taking
You are at increased risk for complications if you have diabetes, heart, lung or liver disease, smoke etc.
Do not take aspirin or anti-inflammatory medications.
If you smoke, quit smoking for at least 2 weeks pre-op.
You’ll want soft foods that do not require much chewing for the first few days.
Consider: Protein shakes, soup, juices, flexible straws.( = liquid diet )
Prepare Icepacks to reduce post-op swelling
Follow your doctors directions carefully regarding medications, eating & drinking, etc.
Lip augmentation can be achieved by injecting or surgically implanting materials into the lips.
Some procedures are temporary, others are permanent.


  • Restylane / Juvederm Injections ( Fillers )
  • Clear Hyaluronic Acid Gel is similar to that naturally found in the body,
  • Temporary method, lasts upto 1 to 1 1/2 years.



Synthetic Implants

Gore-Tex is synthetic options with permanent results. They do not shrink and are never absorbed. Synthetic implants are foreign substances and may become infected or be rejected by the body. If this occurs, the implants can be removed.

Fat Grafting

This procedure has permanent results . Although it is possible that the body will reabsorb it, many people choose fat grafting because they are most comfortable with using the fat from their own body. The fat is harvested from another area of the body, often the abdomen. An advantage is that there is no possibility of an allergic reaction. Disadvantage is swelling for about 1 – 2 weeks.

For Faster Recovery:

Keep ice packs applied to your lips for the first 48 hours Limit talking and chewing should be limited during the first 48 hours Limit smiling and laughing for the first week Sleep in a semi-upright position for the first week. Avoid strenuous activities for 1-3 days,avoid strain, or other activities that could increase pressure to your lips Major complications from lip augmentation are rare. There is a possibility of bleeding, infection, asymmetrical lips, numbing, scarring, swelling, and permanent stiffness in the lip. Fat injections can cause lumping . Any implant that is a foreign substance may become infected or be rejected by the body.


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