Rhinoplasty Pre & Post Instructions

Rhinoplasty – Pre- and post-surgery instructions

Rhinoplasty is indeed a low-risk procedure when compared to many other surgeries. Nevertheless, there is a set of precautions and instructions that should be followed meticulously, before as well as after this surgery, to prevent any adverse reactions and side effects. People forget verbal instructions and misplace the written set, eventually relying on memory. Such incomplete adherence is undesirable and may have serious consequences. Dr. Vikas Gawri is, therefore, listing these instructions here, so that anybody can access them at any time.

Pre-surgery instructions:

  • Do not go out in the sun for 15 consecutive days before the surgery, including the day of surgery. If it cannot be avoided, use sunscreens that have “Sun Protection Factor 30” or higher. Ensure that such sunscreen is applied each time you move out in the sun.
  • Do not smoke for 15 consecutive days before the surgery date, including on the day of the surgery.
  • Do not take drugs for 15 consecutive days before the surgery date, including the day of the surgery. It is better to list all the medications including their potencies, and show them upfront to Dr. Vikas Gawri, so that he can advise which of them may be taken, if at all.
  • Do not eat or drink anything after midnight of the night immediately preceding the surgery date. This restriction applies to water as well.

On the day of surgery:

  • Bring a family member along, as driving after the daycare procedure is not possible
  • Do not wear any makeup especially nail polish, eye makeup, or facial makeup
  • Do not wear contact lenses
  • Bring insurance ID, if expecting any claims

Buy the following items which are non-prescription items:

  • a. Soolt softener (consult the surgeon).
  • b. Vaseline ointment.
  • c. “Cotton tipped applicator;” earbuds will also do.
  • d. Nasal spray (consult the surgeon).
  • e. Gauze ice pads.
  • f. Paper napkins.
  • g. Dressing as instructed by the surgeon.
  • h. Soft toothbrush.
  • i. upplements for reducing bruising and swelling (consult the surgeon).

Ensure that there will be somebody at home to help for 48 hours immediately after surgery.

Post operative instructions:

The clinic gives painkillers and antibiotics. It also offers advice on the diet after the surgery.

Postoperative care includes:

  • a. Do not lie down for approximately 48 hours. For sleeping use chairs such as recliners.
  • b. Do not wear glasses. They are best avoided until the surgeon allows their usage.
  • c. Do not use Ice Packs for reducing or preventing swelling. Instead, use iced “gauze pads.” These pads are used by dipping in cold water and wringing out the water. The cold pad can then be used on cheeks, and eyes, but not on the nose.
  • d. Do not eat foods that would require a lot of “chewing” or movement of facial muscles.
  • e. Use only a soft brush for brushing teeth, and avoid too much movement of upper lip and cheeks.
  • f. Do not opt for any exposure to the sun until Dr. Vikas Gawri gives clearance.
  • g. Do not blow nose for 15 days after the surgery including the day of surgery.
  • h. Sniffing should be gentle and slow. Sneezes should be assisted with mouth remaining open.
  • i. If nasal packs were added they would be removed by the clinic, after surgery.
  • j. Change the dressing of the nose daily till drainage stops. While doing it, do not disturb the nasal cast.
  • k. Keep the nasal cast dry till the surgeon removes it. It is usually removed within a week or so. Makeup may be used only after this cast is removed
  • l. The nasal spray is for keeping the nose moist. It can be used for less than six times, per day with two puffs each time.
  • m. Do not touch the nose or any part of the nose with hands. Do not touch the stitches either.
  • n. Use the “Cotton tipped applicator” for applying Vaseline on stitches and inside the nose.
  • o. Do not partake in any strenuous activities, till the initial healing is complete, which would be about two weeks from the date of surgery. Even so, exercises such as swimming, weight lifting, and aerobics are best avoided for about a month and maybe resumed after the surgeon allows it. Sex also needs to be avoided for this period.
  • p. Confirm from the surgeon, which medications may be taken.

There are many instructions related to Rhinoplasty. Following them may seem to be daunting. However, if each patient reads them a couple of times, relevant ones will be recalled at the right time. The recovery time from the surgery is not long. Therefore, it is not difficult to follow these “pre” and “post” Rhinoplasty instructions.

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