Testimonials: Aesthetic Laser

Jalandhar, Punjab
I am 29-year-old man. Due to hair loss I was looking much older than my age friends. So I decided for hair treatment and I went to Kyra clinic. Dr. Vikas understood my problem and explained the process for treatment and satified me for my queries partaining to it . After the surgery I started looking smart and younger. I am very thankful to Dr. Vikas and his team.
Chandigarh, Punjab
I am 40-year-man and I was getting hair loss in front of my head which looked bad. I went to different clinics but when I went to Kyra clinic and meeting Dr. Vikas and understanding my problem they provide me good facility and treatment. After surgery now I look young and dynamic.
Delhi, India
I am 35-year-old man. I had hair loss problem and because of that I always use to feel embarrassed in social gatherings. So I went to Kyra Clinic for laser hair treatment from Dr Vikas. After laser treatment I am looking smart ,all thanks to Dr. Vikas Gawri's and his team.
Moga / Punjab
I am 32-year-old man and I had tattoo which was permanent which I want to get removed. So I went to Kyra Clinic for tatto removal . After getting treatment my tattoo was removed and treatment was very smooth without pain.
Ludhiana, Punjab
I am 28-year-old man. I had a tattoo on my hand which I want to get removed. So I visited different clinics but when I went to Kyra Clinic they convienced me by explaining procedure in detail. The process for treatment was painless and easy which I was expecting. Thanks Dr. Vikas Gawri's.
I am 35-year-old women. I had scars on my face which looked ugly and I feel disappointed while seeing that. So I decided for laser scar removal treatment from Kyra Clinic. Visting the clinic and meeting Dr. Vikas made me feel comfortable with thier friendly and kind gesture. They described whole procedure for scar removel .After surgery my skin look fabulous and which made me confident.
Florida, USA
I am 30-year-old women from florida. I had marks under neck so I decided to get laser trearment. I get to know about Kyra Clinic from there website. Which help me in Knowing the Clinic and Dr.Vikas and I decided to get my treatment form Kyra Clinic ,punjab. It was according to what I expected and after surgery there is no marks under my neck. Now my skin look beautiful after surgery.
I am 48-year-old women. I had bad skin which looks ugly. I decided to get laser treatment in punjab from Kyra Clinic. The experience was amazing and Dr. Vikas and staff was kind and professional. Provided better facility and information regarding treatment. I truly appreciate treatment done by Dr. Vikas.
Delhi, India
I am 35-year-old women. Due to marks on my face my skin looked bad and I decided to get Laser treatement. My friend suggested me Kyra Clinic regarding treatment. After going their and talking to Dr. Vikas and understanding the process of treatment made me feel confident. The treatment was according to my expectation and I am satisfied. I suggest if anyone wants to get Laser treatment must go to Kyra Clinic.
Ludhiana, Punjab
I am 45-year-old man. I had hair on my back so I decided for laser treatment and went to Kyra Clinic and met Dr. Vikas. I explained my problem to him, he gave me full information regarding the surgery procedure. After treatment now I have no hair on my back and surgery went smooth.
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