Testimonials: Cosmetic Surgery

Age-34/ Banglore/ Abdominoplasty
I was very much concerned about the way my abdomen looked, loose skin and wrinkles all over, Was not able to wear sarees/crop-tops etc. After doing a detailed research about the best plastic surgeons for tummytuck surgery, i decided to get the procedure done at Kyra Clinic, Ludhiana. It was year 2013, I got the procedure done and it totally redefined my looks, my personality completely. I couldn't believe the surgical expertise of Dr. Vikas Gawri. All credit goes to you sir. Also got fat grafting to my face done here. Totally Satisfied and have referred many of my friends too.
Age-39/ Chandigarh/ Tummy Tuck
I work in a govt dept, it was very difficult for me to sit on job for hours because of my massive abdomen. Got surgery done from Dr. Gawri. Thanks doctor for changing my life as now I am more active and energetic in my day to day tasks.
Ms.Ruchi Gupta/ Age-34/ Jalandhar/ liposuction of fatty arms
I always dream of wearing sleeveless suits and dresses, but was very conscience about my fatty arms. I got liposuction done and achieved fine arms in just one month.
Mrs. Sharma/ Age-32/ Jammu/ Breast implant
I had a loose breast after my second baby. I wanted to have full breast as before. So one of my friend who had a cosmetic surgery done from Dr.Vikas Gawri encouraged me to visit Kyra clinic. He was very helping since the day I called him and made thing very easy to understand. I got operate and was send home the same evening there was no pain as I was afraid off. I got the desirable result and will highly recommended Dr. Vikas Gawri for the surgery.
Shivani / Age-23/ Bangalore/ Breast implant(un-married)
I had a small and flat breast. Shopping for anything was always a depressing experience. I always wanted large breast. While accessing internet I searched information related to it. I contacted Dr. Vikas Gawri and visited his clinic. He is a great cosmetic surgeon. After Breast implant done by him successfully, I have a wonderful and attractive body. All credit goes to him. Thanks to Dr. Vikas Gawri.
Sonia/ Age-26/ Ludhiana/ Breast Implant
I had to raise use padded bra’s to give fullness to my breast my teen age. Before marriage I want to feel confident. . in states. After my through search online I finalized to visit Kyra clinic. As I met Dr. Vikas Gawri I was very impressed by his work. He showed me hundred of pictures of cases done by him. No other doctor could match his expertise. I am glad and very happy with my new breast.
Susan/ Age-22/ Shimla/ Dimple creation
I always wanted dimple in my cheeks as pretty zinta. I got it done at Kyra clinic the clinic is very advance and clean. All staff is very professional and helpful.
Prinyanka/ Age-20/ Ahmedabad/ Fat grafting for cheeks
My face was very thin and long in shape. I always wondered if I can change the shape of my face one day though my internet searching. I came to know about Dr.Vikas Gawri as a expert of cosmetic surgery. I talked to him on mobile. I sent him my pictures for advice .He advice and explained me very finer details about fat grafting of face. He is very passionate to explain every detail. I was satisfied. I am thankful to him for new cheeks.
Suhani/ Goa/ Age-34/ Chin implant and fat grafting for cheeks
I was into film industry where looks to matter. I knew from my various consultations. I had small chin. I come to my in-laws in Punjab where the obvious choice was Dr. Vikas Gwari at Kyra Clinic. He did a chin implantation to increase protrusion my chin and he also gave me the firm cheek with fat grafting. Dr. Vikas Gawri was very experienced and has artistic approach for cosmetic procedure. I wish his team for best always.
Gurmeet/ Age-20/ Pagwara/ Rhinoplasty
Due to my accident I had fracture of my nose. My nose look very broad and distorted. Dr. Vikas Gawri told me that I will need an artificial implant for my nose correction. I am glad I choose Dr. Vikas Gawri for my cosmetic surgery. I am grateful to him and he is my hero for giving me a new look and confidence to me.
Sunita/ Age-23/ Delhi/ Rhinoplasty
I had a hump on my nose. This always draw attention towards my big nose. I come to know about Dr. Vikas Gawri from one of my relative in Ludhiana. The surgery took just one hour. I was sent home in the evening. There was swelling for about one week. After one month I was very happy to see new shape of my nose.
Kulvinder singh/ Age-17/ Kapoorthala/ Male Breast Reducation
I can’t wear tight t-shirt as my other friends. I was conscience of taking off my shirt at the time of swimming. I came to know about liposuction surgery from internet search. Dr. Vikas Gawri was very helping, he explained everything very patiently. I am very happy with my flat chest and will recommend highly of Kyra clinic.
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